The business is changing. Nowadays, many companies wake up after coronavirus lockdown, but there are also true gems that survived this difficult episode without any problems. At both situations, the corporations need now interesting and innovative ideas to gain a huge dose of new energy.


The Winner | Uncle David – A.I Powered Gatekeeper for Businesses

What the project is about?  The project is based on an A.I-powered test which issues Digital IDs to the employees based on their COVID-19 and workplace risk. It will help business

The Finalist | BrainExchange

What the project is about?  BrainExchange is an internal knowledge exchange platform that makes it easy to find appropriate knowledge in the brains of people who have it – insid

The Finalist | Futurist

What the project is about?  Futurist is a web app which brings analytics to small businesses.  Project description: Futurist is a web app which brings analytics to small business


The Finalist | beCV

Project description: beCV is a comprehensive platform enabling the recruitment process without racial, sexual or age discrimination. It is an equal chance for everyone, an impeccab

The Finalist | Keep work & life balance & stay happy

Project description: Application for companies with remote employees and teams. To help them keep work & life balance and increase their productivity. Web-version for an HR man



In the times of home office, keeping the attention of your interlocutor at e-meetings is crucial.

In this task, we wanted to find low-cost solutions that will boost the user’s engagement at online events and meetings.


The Winner | summario

What the project is about?  Have you ever attended a meeting and come out of it not really knowing what it was about? From the beginning of our project, we decided that we want to

The Finalist | Transcriber

Project description:  Even though life seems to be slowly returning to normality for most of us, as the COVID pandemic is passing its critical stage. However, a grand majority of

The Finalist | Mingle – The Group Video Call

What the project is about?  Mingle is a participation-driven video meeting and events platform where participants can easily interact between each other to network. Project descri


The Finalist | VCON

Project Description: To provide service for the virtual event market. A service that allows event organisers to turn events such as conferences, conventions, classes, and other eve


We live in the times when we have to fight for the engagement.

Catches the viewer’s attention, helps him to understand the content and keeps his absorption. In this task, we are looking for ideas to use online games in education, sharing knowledge and organizing meetings.


The Winner | Corona of Kings

What the project is about?  The main goal of our game, “Corona of Kings”, is to make the learning process more pleasant for students and easier to introduce by the tea

The Finalist | Fantasy Scrum Board

What the project is about?  Fantasy Scrum Board is about enrichment standard Scrum process by gamification. Every participant of process has his own general level of experience an

The Finalist | BRUH

What the project is about?  2D Pixel Game targeted towards students that are bored in class. This “game” will allow students to discover a pixel world and participate

Oncological Patient’s Track

Task powered by Wroclaw Comprehensive Cancer Center in Wrocław

We were looking for the module to monitor the regularity of oncological patient’s track.

The optimal solution is the module that will detect irregularities and fraud cases in the area of oncological benefits realized from the public funds. More information here.


The Finalist | OncoTrack

Project description: OncoTrack is an app that tries to help with laws and regulations around oncological treatment. It ingests HIS data about treatment, DILO card data and NFZ clai

The Finalist | Polska Chmura Rozwiązań Onkologicznych (PCRO)

Project description: For a long time, patient tracking has been inherently manual, being one of the most time-consuming activities in overall management. The idea of developing a p



Good against evil is not only what we see in the cinemas, but also on the financial market. However in the time of digitization and data dispersion, fight of KNF office with scams, become more and more unequal. Fraudsters and scamers reach for more tricky methods of phishing.

UKNF seeks to fight effectively with fraudsters and scamers. They were looking for solution, which will allow for more effective identifying scam on the financial market.


The Winner | ScamTrapper

The ScamTrapper solution consists of: Stage-1 Scan the internet • Search the internet for keywords and phrases ( Use the database of the most popular phrases scammers use in Poli

The Finalist | Scammy

Project description: Scammy to inteligentne narzędzie do wykrywania podejrzanych stron na bardzo wczesnym etapie. Informacje na temat domen są pobierane z różnych źródeł (wy

The Finalist | ScamTrapper

Project description:  The system searches for keywords and phrases on the internet. From suspicious websites, the system gathers various data like frequencies of occurrence suspic


The Finalist | ScamTracker

Project description:  ScamTracker is a proof of concept solution for hunting various scam types using modular architecture. In this proof of concept two solutions (modules) have b

The Finalist | Trappa

Project description: We made an LSTM machine learning model which classifies different financial fraud things into 8 consolidated classes with an accuracy of 70%. This was achieved


In this task we were looking for the application, that will inform people who travel between Poland and Slovakia about the current provisions at the particular area. The app notify travellers about the restrictions connected to the epidemiological situation and – for sure! – facilitate the regulations to ordinary people.

In that way, travellers could avoid unfounded fines and feel safe during travel.


The Winner | CoronaTravel

What the project is about?  With this app, you will be always up to date about the latest pandemic regulations in your country. Project description:  This app will show you the l


The Finalist | QA Chatbot

Project description: Our idea was to create Question Answering Chatbot capable of talking about safety during traveling. We implemented a AI model based on BERT (Natural Language P

The Finalist | Coronavirus: Travel Information

Project description: This web app will inform people who travel between Poland and Slovakia about the current provisions at the particular area. The app will notify travellers abou