Everything began in 2017. A group of crazy people (read:our team) decided to create the biggest stationary hackathon in Poland. The idea was simple, we wanted an event that will gather hundreds of creative people in one place, challenging them to work harder than ever to achieve common goals, win prizes, but foremost improve the world!

This is how HackYeah is – a hackathon that changes the reality we live in.

In 2019, we aimed to make HackYeah bigger and better! We managed to gather 2 500 people: programmers, UXers, graphic designers and product managers. They got in groups up to 6 people to faced various tasks. They helped many NGOs and won a total of 425 000 PLN!

Records were broken:

  • the biggest stationary hackathon in Europe!
  • the biggest number of female attendees!

We’ve made it together with the best people from the IT world!

However… we are not stopping!

Next edition will take place on June 5-7, 2020 ONLINE. The event will be open for talented people from all areas. You will have a variety of tasks to choose from and passionate people to work with. In addition, Mentors to help you along the way!

No matter if you are a graphic designer, product manager, UXer, programmer, developer or a creative individual. We don’t care if you just started using Photoshop, know only basics of C++ or are a world-class front-end developer. We will be extremely happy to see you all at HackYeah in June 2020!