Adam Maciejczyk

[ Wroclaw Comprehensive Cancer Center | Chief Executive Officer ]

Dr hab. Adam Maciejczyk – oncologist, specialist in oncological radiotherapy

President of Polish Oncological Society, since 2014 Director of Lower Silesian Oncology Center, President of National Association of Public Oncology Centers and Instutes, Head of the Department Teleradiotherapy of Lower Silesian Oncology Center, Head  of Radiotherapy Clinic of Medical University in Wroclaw.

Member of European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO), Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society (PROS).


Webinar | Presentation Task: Oncological Patient’s Track

The process of oncological diagnostics and treatment is very complex — many various specialists are involved on different levels. It is possible to present it with the so-called “patient’s track” that — with a high probability — describes the process of diagnostics and treatment of different types of cancer. These tracks have already been prepared within the pilot project of Domestic Oncological Network that was started in February 2019.

From the quality of the oncological diagnostics and treatment point of view, it is crucial that the patient’s track designed by experts is not simplified nor modified unreasonably. This modification has many reasons — one of them is an attempt to change the more expensive medical examination to cheaper one (for example exchanging hip’s NMR spectroscopy to the CAT scan in case of prostate cancer). It lowers the costs of diagnostics, but the income from the National Health Fund (which is realized with oncological funds) is the same — the only one who suffers from the change, is the patient.

The question is: How to prevent the spread of this occurrence?

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Day 3
Presentation Task: Oncological Patient’s Track 15:00